Spaces: Jordan Merrick

Spaces is a new column to showcase the iPad setups of our readers. If you’d like to share your setup with us, get in touch.

About me

I’m Jordan Merrick, a technical writer, blogger, and iPad enthusiast. I live in New Jersey, USA, but originally hail from Manchester, England. I’m the editor here at iPad Collective and write mostly about iPad and iOS over at my blog. I also created Workflow Directory: a collection of user-submitted workflows to use with Workflow for iOS.

Why I use the iPad

The iPad has been my primary computer for a few years. Before then, I was a longtime Mac user. I gradually switched to the iPad as iOS matured and, with the launch of iOS 11, it completely replaced my Mac.

For my computing needs, the iPad fits the bill perfectly. iOS is incredibly easy to use, abstracting away many of the complexities of modern computing while still being a powerful, secure, and reliable operating system. Combined with a thriving ecosystem of apps, I can do everything I need to—and usually much more quickly and easily—on the iPad.

The iPad isn’t the best personal computer for everyone, and the Mac or PC is still better suited for many tasks. But for anyone like me who has more generalized needs, the iPad can provide a computing experience that’s easier, faster, and, in many ways, more capable.

My setup

  • iPad Pro 12.9″: My personal computer is a refurbished first-generation iPad Pro 12.9″ 128GB WiFi in Space Gray. Before it, I used an iPad Air 2.
  • Logitech K780: This keyboard is comfortable to use, has a variety of shortcut keys and a numeric keypad, and features a built-in stand that my iPad or iPhone can rest in. It can also connect to three different devices and switch between them at a press of a button. This gives me the flexibility to use the same keyboard with my iPad Pro, iPad mini, and iPhone X.
  • Apple Pencil: While I do have an Apple Pencil, I don’t use it all that often. I can’t draw, nor do I use my iPad for note taking, but it’s still useful for more precise selections when I’m working with photos or images. It’s an accessory that I find useful but not indispensable.
  • Belkin Apple Pencil Case + Stand: I keep my Apple Pencil in this case when not in use (which is most of the time). It has a magnetic lid, built-in stand, and a compartment to store a spare nib and the pencil cap when it’s charging.
  • Apple Smart Keyboard: If I’m away from my desk but still need to get some writing done, I use the Smart Keyboard. It’s a decent keyboard that’s easy to type on, though I wish it had extra function keys. It’s a convenient solution for writing on the go, doubles as a protective cover, and its use of the Smart Connector means I have one less device to charge.
  • Apple Smart Cover: If I’m traveling and don’t need the Smart Keyboard, I’ll keep my iPad protected with the Smart Cover instead. My desk has a whiteboard back panel that magnets can attach to, so I hang both covers on it to keep them from cluttering my desk drawer.
  • iPad mini 4: As much as I like my iPad Pro, it’s far too big to use comfortably for reading or casually browsing the web. I use a refurbished iPad mini 4 32GB WiFi that’s much easier to handle. Since I have access to all my apps and documents on iCloud, I can also work on my iPad mini if I don’t have my iPad Pro to hand.
  • Twelve South HiRise Stand: This stand can support an iPhone or iPad mini, with or without a case. I have the original version of the HiRise and use it to charge my iPad mini, which is kept in a case at all times.