Working Copy

Make use of Git—the popular version control system for tracking file changes—on your iPad using Working Copy (Free, $14.99 to unlock all features). The app provides a complete Git experience: create or clone repositories, push and pull changes, merge branches, resolve conflicts, and more.

Working Copy integrates with popular hosted services like GitHub and GitLab, so you can easily clone or create remote repositories. There’s also support for working with repositories hosted on your own server using SSH.

Each repository is made available in the Files app, allowing you to open any file using the app of your choice (although there is a built-in text editor, if you prefer). Once you’re done, you can commit changes directly from the file browser of the app you’re in—there’s no need to switch back to Working Copy.

Working Copy isn’t just the best Git client for iOS, it’s one of the best on any platform.

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