Saving Credit Cards in Safari

You can save credit card information (card number and expiration date) in Safari so it can be automatically inserted into website payment forms. Saved cards also sync with iCloud so that they’re available in Safari on all your devices.

The easiest way to save your card information is when you first make a purchase with it. You can either enter the card details manually into a payment form or use the camera to scan the number and expiration date from your card—tap AutoFill Credit Card and select Use Camera.

As you complete the form, Safari asks if you want to save the card information. Once saved, you can reuse it for future purchases. For security, the CVC number is never saved—you must enter this manually each time you make a purchase.

You can view a list of saved cards, add new ones, or edit the information—including their description—using Safari’s AutoFill settings.

Changing the description can help you more easily identify your cards. For instance, you may have a card that is only for work expenses, or a card that gets you the most points for travel purchases.